As beautiful as a field flower

Loriano Norcini has no doubts: due to the variety of roads proposed and the passionate capacity of the organizers involved, the calendar for the 2019 edition of the Pirelli IRCup is the best ever

Something has changed: someone has left the table and someone else has taken their place. From four who were, the appointments of the 2019 edition of the International Rally Cup Pirelli have become five, like the petals of many wild flowers, the ones that one like them for their colors and their perfumes.
“Fixing all the pieces wasn’t easy at all” says Loriano Norcini. He adds: “Never, in the past, we had to commit as much as this time, but the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that it was worth discussing and re-discussing because the result obtained was definitely positive. Yes, I believe I can say that the calendar we offer to our “customers” is the best ever. The five events are very well distributed over time and, above all, they offer a range of very different special stages that can therefore satisfy almost everyone. Without forgetting that behind the five rallies in question there are as many organizers who have already amply demonstrated that they have both the necessary skills and the indispensable passion”.
Loriano Norcini, one of the “founding fathers” of the successful series that since 2002 has distributed important prizes to those who are able to give substance to their desire to run, knows that championships and trophies have revolving doors like the big hotels. “It is well known – he explains – that certain situations can change and what binds the Pirelli IRCup to the various organizers is a contract, not an indissoluble bond”. The voice is calm, but a certain disappointment shines through: “In fact – he confirms – I would have expected a minimum of gratitude from those who have had a lot from us even in terms of visibility. But perhaps we are the ones who made the mistake of being good, too good … “. The Casentino man shrugs his shoulders as if to shake off the annoyance. “It is always better to look ahead” he says. And that’s right, especially when the future promises to be as attractive as it is now. With a balanced calendar set on five events of absolute value. It is a five-petal flower, the International Rally Cup Pirelli that is about to start.. To browse with calm, savoring colors and smell like you do with wild flowers.

6-7 April Appennino Reggiano
11-12 May Piancavallo
8-9 June Taro
5-6 July Casentino
29-30 September Bassano

Communication Consultant Guido Rancati
Press Office: Alessandra de Bianchi – +39 338 6042520

Attached photos by Amico Rally: Loriano Norcini on the left during the 2018 prizegiving

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