IRC 2018: The intriguing variety of the International Rally Cup Pirelli

Well distributed along the season the four races of this successful series, maintain their respective peculiarities.

Ladies and gentlemen on board. Just little more than three weeks and the 18th season of the International Rally Cup Pirelli is going to start. The season will start in Cassino at 3.30 pm on Saturday April 7th and is going to finish in Sondrio on Saturday September 8th after stopping at the beginning of June in Bedonia and at the beginning of July in Bibbiena. Four appointments well distributed along the season – two months between the first and the second race, one month between the second and the third race and again two months between the third and the fourth race . Well distributed also in the space: from Lazio with Rally Lirenas, to Emilia with Rally Taro, then Tuscany with Rally del Casentino and to Lombardy with the Valtellina Cup.
All races very different each other those that will distribute the generous prizes of this season.
Each one with its prerogatives, as it is right to be. Without those constraints that much like those who do not shine by imagination, but inevitably end up flattening everything
So then the organizers of the race in Lazio (Rally Lirenas) can keep propose their appreciated special stages on Saturday and Sundayso as the Parma race (Rally Taro) and those from Valtellina as well. While the organizers of Arezzo (Rally Casentino) will never abandon the prologue on Friday evening and the long leg on Saturday.
These are varieties that people like and that contribute to the fascination of the IRCup Pirelli.
Those who along the years have been protagonists with overall and helmet know it well and also the fans know it well, all those who crowd along the route and are part of the success of these rallies.

The 2018 Calendar
6/8 April Rally Lirenas Cassino
9/10 June Rally del Taro Bedonia
6/7 July Rally Casentino Bibbiena
7/8 September Coppa Valtellina Sondrio

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