The 2017 IRC (International Rally Cup) has a new rule and all the Entrants to the Cup have to comply with it.

It’s been added a new article to the Regulations, Art. N. 11.

In this article it’s stated that each entrant has to commit to take part in the races with loyalty, politeness, dignity and self-respect to safeguard their own reputation and the image of IRCup Sport, avoiding behaviors that can be detrimental to its image. In the case of broke of the sporting and behavioral rules provided in RNS ACI and in the case of a sanction of the Sporting Committee , there is the possibility to be excluded from the IRC immediately losing points and the entire entry fee. IRC Sport reserves the right to proceed, even without any provision from the Sporting committee, to apply the above mentioned sanctions that can go from the loose of the points since the exclusion from the IRC.


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